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Pull over for flashing green lights

All drivers in Ontario are familiar with the emergency red flashing lights and sirens on police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. It is common knowledge that drivers are required by law to pull to the right and stop when they see or hear emergency vehicles approaching. Flashing green lights, on the other hand, aren't quite as well known, but carry with them the same urgency as the flashing red ones.

"Flashing green lights are an indication that a volunteer firefighter is on the way to an emergency," said Morris-Turnberry Community Fire Safety Officer, James Marshall.

"Seconds count in a fire or rescue situation, and time lost en route from traffic can make the difference. This area is provided emergency protection with volunteers, who respond to the fire hall in their own private vehicles," said Marshall. “Of the 465 fire departments in Ontario 434 departments are staffed by over 19,000 volunteer firefighters," Marshall continued.

To help the public identify these firefighters responding in their own vehicle, the Ministry of Transportation amended the Highway Traffic Act to   allow volunteer firefighters responding to emergencies to use a flashing green light.

"When you see a vehicle with the tell-tale flashing green light activated please pull over and let us pass," urged Marshall. “ We could be heading to your house”.