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Payment Options




In person at the Municipal office:

41342 Morris Road,
PO Box 310, BRUSSELS, ON N0G 1H0

Cash, debit or cheque are accepted.


Credit Card Online:

Through paysimply.ca.

Your Roll Number is your account number. It is the 19 digit number found at the top of your tax bill starting with 40 60.



Preauthorized monthly payments can be set up by providing a VOID cheque,

Please print off the attached Preauthorized form and bring it to the Municipal office with a VOID - Preauthorized Debit Plan


By mail:

Sent to the address above by cheque or post dated cheque,


By payment at the following locations:

CIBC Wingham, Blyth, Brussels
TD Bank Wingham
Bank of Montreal Wingham
Libro Financial Group Wingham

Any Banking service charges are payable by the taxpayer


Telephone Banking Services

If you wish to access the telephone banking services, contact one of the banks listed below to set up your payment codes


Bank Telephone Number
CIBC 1-800-465-2422
Bank of Montreal 1-800-363-9992
TD Bank 1-800-983-2265
RBC Financial Group (Royal Bank) 1-800-769-2511
Credit Union Central of Ontario "see individual branch"
Scotia Bank 1-800-769-2511


Internet Banking

Internet banking services are available through the banks listed below (listed under morris-turnberry)


Bank URL
CIBC www.cibc.com
Bank of Montreal www.bmo.com
TD Bank www.tdcanadatrust.com
RBC Financial Group (Royal Bank) www.rbc.com
Credit Union Central of Ontario "see individual branch"
Scotia Bank www.scotiabank.com


Farm Tax Reduction

If your property is eligible for the farm tax reduction, based on 75% of the farmland assessment, a reduced rate has been calculated.
Therefore, your farmland tax rate will be 25% of the Farm and Residential tax rate.


Tax Relief

A tax relief program is available to certain elderly and disabled persons, to relieve financial hardship in respect of property that is in the residential and farm property class.  Also, eligible charities occupying property in the County may be eligible for a tax rebate.  For more information or an application, please contact the Municipal office.

Penalties and Interest
Maximum Penalty is 1.25%
Penalty on Taxes unpaid will be added on the First day of Calendar month after due date.