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Municipal Council

From the Desk of the Mayor:

Just a quick note to give you an update to some of the many things happening in Morris-Turnberry:

Mike Alcock joined Morris-Turnberry as our Director of Public Works this spring on April 24th . Mike brings from Huron County a vast knowledge of the area, Public Works and roads and bridges. Don't be afraid to approach Mike as he truly enjoys meeting and working with the public to solve any Public Works issues that arise. Welcome Mike!

M-T Council was quite excited to formally join with Huron East Fire Services by purchasing 45% of the Brussels and Area Fire Station on June 30th. Without ownership of a Fire Department, M-T continually struggled to comply with many regulations put out by the Ontario Fire Marshall's Office . This agreement of shared ownership of the Brussels Fire Service solves all of these compliance issues and is a continuation of the great working relationship we have with Huron East and especially the great Volunteer Fire Department we now share in Brussels. This positions both Municipalities and the Brussels Fire Station very well into the future. Thank you to everyone that has been involved in making this happen.

In our localized area we all were effected in different degrees by the “Once in a hundred Years” rainfall event that occurred early on June 23rd . Thank you to our residents for your patience to allow our Public Works to work through the aftermath of that rainfall event. There were many road washouts and later flooding concerns to be dealt with. Our staff on the ground and in the office did an exceptional job handling the situation putting in many additional hours up to and throughout the following weekend . The flow of information that came to myself and Council kept us on top of the situation and able to make decisions in a managed fashion. The M-T Emergency Control Group was on standby if conditions warranted further actions.

The 100th IPM to be held in Walton September 19th -23rd  is just 4 weeks away, many of our residents are well aware being part of the massive volunteer group that has come together to put this Huron County Match in place. With this year's match being located so close, M-T Council felt we should have a presence at the match and be supportive in whatever ways we could help the committee. M-T will host one of the display “Barns” within the Huron County Tent, showing off what our Municipality has to offer. Do you remember the 1978 IPM held at the a Armstrong Farm in Morris-Turnberry  “The “Money Match”?  Looking forward to seeing you September 19th -23rd at the 100th IPM in Walton !                                             

                                                                                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing

Establish the Composition of Council - October 10, 2017

Notice of a Meeting to Consider Amendments to the Council Procedural Bylaw - Tuesday March 6, 2018

Procedural Bylaw - April 4, 2017

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2014-2018 Council


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