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Municipal Council

From the Desk of the Mayor:

As we enter the final year of this Council term, Council has been quite pleased by the outcome of a number of local developments in Morris-Turnberry. Past decisions by Council to purchase land and encourage specific development have proved to be instrumental in helping with some of our greatest challenges. The multi-unit housing project under construction in Belgrave is a good start to answering the housing shortage in Morris-Turnberry.

    Employment across our rural area is always crucial to our Community's well being. The new construction recently completed at Fabric Buildings International and also underway at Howick Insurance will see employment numbers increased and stabilized by these two great employers. This is welcome news to our area.

   The many inquiries made to our office last fall brought to the attention of Council the change of tax classification of approximately 185 farm properties in Morris-Turnberry. Council felt it was imperative to take a delegation to the ROMA conference in January and question both MPAC and the Ministry of Finance in regards to the reasons and fairness of these changes. We were pleased to get a commitment from the Ministry of Finance to reconsider this change in classification. We will continue to fight for a fair resolution to this problem.

   Municipal elections will take place this fall on Monday October 22, 2018. Nomination Period is from May 1st to July 27th , 2018. I encourage everyone to participate either as a candidate or exercising your right to vote.                                                                     

                                                                                                            Yours Truly, Mayor Paul Gowing


Establish the Composition of Council - October 10, 2017

Procedural Bylaw - updated March 6, 2018

Notice of a Meeting to Consider Amendments to the Council Procedural Bylaw - Tuesday March 6, 2018

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2014-2018 Council


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