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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday May 22, 2013

Wednesday May 22, 2013


41342 Morris Road
Wednesday May 22, 2013
Minutes of the Special Council Meeting

1) Call to order:     The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:30 pm

Council in Attendance:
Paul Gowing                Mayor
Jason Breckenridge,    Deputy Mayor
Jamie Heffer,              Councillor
Jamie McCallum         Councillor
Staff in Attendance:
Nancy Michie             Administrator Clerk-Treasurer
Steve Fortier               Chief Building Official
Gary Pipe                    Director of Public Works       
Kim Johnston               Recorder

Others in Attendance:
Joan Krantz, Legal Counsel
Doug Culbert, Surveyor 
Landowners attached.

Paul Gowing introduced everyone in attendance.

Nancy Michie made a presentation.

Doug Culbert explained the survey.

Mike Zarytshansky asked about the dark blue patch on the survey map.  Should 0028 go with the green lot 23.
Steve Christie stated that there is a well on his property.
Jim Marks stated that he was told by Hydro that Hydro has an easement and had to be left open for them.
Jim Taylor questioned if the basic fee should be a percentage as well.
Doug Culbert explained that the basic fee is the same for everyone, but the remainder is by percentage.
Jim Taylor asked about the Municipal drain.
Doug Culbert explained the Municipal drain will still be there and is protected under its own act. 
The Drain would be adjusted in the next report.
Bill Bruce asked about building beside the Kikkert property, over the sewer owned by MacGowans.
Jake Kikkert questioned why Hydro One is listed but not MacGowans.
Nancy Michie stated that they will be in contact with MacGowans regarding an easement for the sewer.
Joan Krantz explained that it would be a private easement.
Jake Kikkert said he is surprised about the sewer on Peter Street and that it goes across the Kikkert Property.  Jake asked if it was to be registered if he would have to be notified.
Joan Krantz said yes, if it is registered on someone’s property, the property owner  would be notified.
Doug Culbert explained that the easement on Peter Street for the sewer would only be about 10 -20 feet.
Joan Krantz explained that an easement is a right to do something with someone else’s land.
Mavis Schriever questioned, if no one agrees to buy the closed portion of the street, would it go up for anyone who might be interested in it?
Joan Krantz stated that would be up to Council and maybe the Municipality would hold the costs until they did sell it.
Jim Taylor asked if he didn’t want the property, could someone else purchase it.
Council informed, it is offered to the adjoining property owners, but if they do not want the property, it will be offered to someone else, and the adjoining property owner will have
no say in the use of the land.

Joan Krantz made a presentation on legal requirements.

Bill Bruce asked about the mortgage on his property and the new parcel.
Joan Krantz explained that the new piece would be subject to the mortgage.
It will look like 2 pieces of land, but legally it will be one.
Mavis Schriever asked if their current property has not been surveyed, does it have to be surveyed if they want to purchase.
Joan Krantz stated that you do not have to have a survey on the property you currently own.

Nancy Michie completed her presentation.

Council Comments:
Paul Gowing – Council tries to refrain from unsquare properties.

Jason Breckenridge – this approach is to make it easier for the people that are interested. 
It is nice to not have small pieces of land.  It helps if you want to build and with setbacks, if you don’t purchase it now, it could go up in price.

Jamie Heffer – Thanks everyone for coming tonight.  Hopes any questions have been answered. 
This is just in the initial stage and it is to clean things up.

Jamie McCallum – has nothing to add.

Paul Gowing – Thanked everyone for coming.  Council has handled similar issues in the past and it has worked well.


Paul Gowing adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm


                          Mayor, Paul Gowing


                                                      Clerk, Nancy Michie