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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 8, 2013

Tuesday October 08, 2013

Minutes for  Special Meeting
Tuesday,   October 8th   ,  2013       7:30 pm
Location: Bluevale Community Hall
32 Clyde Street, Bluevale, ON


1) Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Paul Gowing.

Council in Attendance:
Paul Gowing                Mayor
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker
Jamie Heffer
Jamie McCallum
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:
Nancy Michie,   Administrator Clerk- Treasurer
Robert Trick,     Animal Control Officer
Kim Johnston     Deputy Clerk

Others in attendance:
Al Murray, Ministry of Natural Resources
Sergeant Arden Farrow, Ontario Provincial Police
Denny Scott, the Citizen
Jackie Riggs, Wingham Advance Times
Elizabeth Priest, CKNX
18 others in attendance

Mayor Paul Gowing  stated the purpose of the meeting:   This meeting was called to
review the draft Animal Control By-law and to hear presentations and comments from the Public.

2) Agenda:

Adoption of Agenda:
Motion 399-2013    Moved by     Neil Warwick                      Seconded by  Jason Breckenridge
“That the agenda for the meeting of October 8th  2013 be adopted as circulated .”
Disposition      Carried

4) Review of the Draft Animal Control By-law.
Nancy Michie andBob Trick presented the Draft Animal Control bylaw.

5) Presentations by  :

  1. Al Murray -  Ministry of Natural Resources

Al Murray presented the draft Animal Control to other staff and the policy branch  in the
Ministry of Natural Resources and there were  no conflicts with the Act and no concerns
with the Municipal bylaw.

  1. Arden Farrow    - OPP

Arden Farrow explained the Ontario Provincial Police have policies and procedures to follow
and standards to meet.  The O.P.P. do not enforce bylaws but will assist the Animal Control Officer,  if needed.

6) Public presentations
1.) Sherry Pulles
In the presentation,   Sherry Pulles questioned why she can’t have dogs on the property of their business, 
but no residence.
Sherry Pulles referred to a legal issue during the presentation.
Mayor Gowing informed Sherry Pulles, Council would not discuss this legal matter.

2.) Jennifer Wick
Jennifer Wick was scheduled to make a presentation, but declined due to a personal     legal issue.

Public Questions:
Sherry Pulles – Will Council amend the bylaw to allow dogs on property where there is no dwelling?

Myron Shwadchuck – Are Dogs barking in a neighbourhood an issue?

Jeanette  Walker –  She would like the number of dogs per household in an urban area amended to allow more then 2?
This issue prohibits and limits fostering in homes.  She would prefer the bylaw to allow 3 dogs in an urban area.

Jennifer Wick – reviewed the number of dogs from neighbouring municipality’s bylaws, stating the average is 3 dogs per household.

Myron Shwadchuck – Why not charge more for additional dogs to make money?

Jennifer Wick – Why is Council stuck on 2 dogs in Urban areas?

Denny Scott – Prohibited Animals, are they allowed if grandfathered in?

Myron Shwadchuck – Why do you not include horse manure in the excrement removal section of the bylaw?

Jennifer Wick – Why is the Hedgehog back in the Prohibited Animal section of the bylaw?

Cheryl Webster – She mentioned the property use to breed Golden Retrievers.  If a dog was returned to her, she would look after it.   Under the draft  bylaw,  she would not be allowed 
to take any  dogs back,   unless the number of dogs was increased.

Jeanette Walker – Would Council Consider adding fostering to the Animal Control bylaw?

Council Addressed questions and concerns from the public.

9:20pm                 Council took a break

Robert Trick, Al Murray, Sergeant Arden Farrow, and Public attendants left the meeting.

9:45pm                 Council returned to the table.

7) Small Rural & Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund

Motion 400-2013  Moved by Jason Breckenridge                               Seconded by Jamie McCallum
“that the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry authorize an application for funding for the Bluevale Storm water Drainage Project for funding under the Small, Rural & Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund Program.”
Disposition          Carried

8)  Adjournment:
Motion 401-2013    Moved by Jamie McCallum  Seconded by   Jamie Heffer "That the meeting be adjourned at 10:00pm. and this is deemed to be a                                                
2-4 hour meeting."
Disposition            Carried


Mayor, Paul Gowing 


Nancy Michie – Administrator Clerk-Treasurer