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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Wednesday July 13, 2011




Date- July 13, 2011  Time    8:00am  Place- Council room – 41342 Morris Road


Call to order:

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Michie at 8:15am with all members in attendance, except Ross Goll who was late.

In attendance:                    

  • Nancy Michie                      
  • Kim Johnston                    
  • Barry Shaw                  
  • Gary Pipe                 
  • Ross Goll - late

Others in attendance:

  •  No others were in attendance

Minutes of the last meeting

  • The Minutes from April 6, 2011 were reviewed.

Moved by: Barry Shaw           Seconded by: Gary Pipe


“That the minutes of the April 6, 2011 Health and Safety Committee Meeting be
adopted as circulated.”

Disposition                        Carried

Unfinished Business

   Bluevale Hall Generator –

  • Barry Shaw feels that this is a very serious issue.
  • Even if you fix the lid of the Generator, the ice from the Roof of the Bluevale Hall is still an issue.
  • Nancy Michie is going to take the Generator issue to the Emergency Planning Committee Meeting in September, 2011.  See if the committee will apply for JEPP funding for a stand alone generator.
  • Barry Shaw suggested moving a new generator to the back of the Bluevale Hall to get past the ice falling from the Roof.
  • A stand alone generator does not need to be covered, it has its own cover/protection.
  • Gary Pipe is going to get some prices for Nancy to take to the Emergency Planning committee.   Take the Generator supplier to Bluevale Hall to show what is needed and for them to give a better idea of a price for a stand alone generator for the location.
  • See if a trade in on the current generator at the Bluevale Hall is a  possibility.

           Ross Goll arrived at the Meeting at 8:20am.

Regular Reports:

  • Workplace Inspections from April, May and June, 2011, were reviewed.
  • Municipal Office – the Front door still needs to be fixed.  Contact Jim McDonald and have him fix the door.  Clutter in the Basement is in the process of being organized.MSDS are being updated.
  • Landfill – Gary Pipe will look at the Door of the Trailer.  The water runs in instead of out.
  • Morris Works Garage –Turnberry Works Garage –  The Fire Extinguishers in the Works Garage office, that are out of date, are there for training purposes.  They cannot be certified but will work. MSDS are being updated.
  • Bluevale Hall – Issues with the Generator.  Evacuation signs need to be updated and placed correctly.  The person hired for Community Fire Safety officer will be notified of this.
  • Workplace Inspections dates and times were set up for August and September, 2011.

New Business:

  • Ross Goll asked about purchasing Safety Clothing.  Gary Pipe will give Ross the Catalogue and let him pick out what he wants, and Gary will order it for him.
  • Kim Johnston stated that the chairlift keys are missing from the key box at the Bluevale Hall.  Kim will contact the company that does the Chairlift inspections and order more keys.

Date of Next meeting 

  • a tentative date for the next Health and Safety Meeting will be Wednesday October 19, 2011at 9:00am, in the Morris-Turnberry Council Chambers.


  • The Health and Safety Meeting was  adjourned at 8:45am.”