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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday April 6, 2011

Wednesday April 06, 2011




Date- April 6, 2011  Time    9:10am  Place- Council room – 41342 Morris Road


Call to order:

  • The meeting was called to order by Barry Shaw at 9:10am with all members in attendance, except Ross Goll who was absent.

In attendance:                   

  • Nancy Michie                       
  • Kim Johnston                       
  • Barry Shaw                       
  • Gary Pipe

Others in attendance:

  • No others were in attendance

Minutes of the last meeting

The Minutes from January 14, 2011 were reviewed.

Moved by: Nancy Michie       Seconded by: Gary Pipe


“That the minutes of the January 14, 2011 Health and Safety Committee Meeting
be adopted as circulated.”

Disposition                        Carried

Unfinished Business

  • Bluevale Hall Generator – Gary Pipe and Steve Fortier are still in the process of looking at options.
  • It was suggested to have the Bluevale Hall Generator a stop on the Council Road Tour.

Regular Reports:

  • Workplace Inspections from January, February and March, 2011, were reviewed.
  • Municipal Office – The front door catches, have Steve look at fixing it in the spring.  
  • The cord between the Public Works office and the Building Office is to be dealt with by Paul from North Huron Computer.Landfill – the MSDS are completed.  A new Methane detector has been ordered.  The Trailer at the landfill is in really good shape, trim has been placed on the windows.
  • Morris Works Garage – MSDS completed.  The Green book has been moved to make it more visible.  The Steps have been fixed going upstairs and anti – slip has been ordered for them.
  • Turnberry Works Garage – the Upstairs area has been cleaned.  MSDS is completed.
  • Bluevale Hall – the snow at the back doors will be looked at next year, maybe have someone stop there and make sure the snow is always removed from the doorways.  The door upstairs is now fixed and closes properly.
  • Workplace Inspections dates and times were set up for April and May, 2011.

New Business:

  • Nancy informed the committee that Bill Sisler had contacted the Municipality, and the workplace was to be reviewed due to the high range of lost time injury.   In 2006, theMunicipality had 69 loss days, in 2007, the Municipality had 3 loss days and in 2009, the Municipality had 77 loss days, this is why the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry was rated high. 
  • Bill met with Gary Pipe and Nancy Michie and had the review.  There are a few items to be addressed in the Health and Safety Manual.  The Manual needs a detailed list of all Equipment, How the equipment is inspected and Who does the inspections. Bill would like to see Morris – Turnberry take part in the Road to Zero Program.  This is a free program. 
  • Nancy will take this to Council and see if they will approve this.  
  • Bill stated that as long as the Health and Safety Manual is at all workplace locations andon the website, there was no need for any employees to have their own copy of the Health and Safety Manual.
  • A few areas of improvement in the Health and Safety in the workplace is to have the employees trained in what to do if a co-worker becomes injured.  Would also like to improve the work area assessment before starting a job.

Date of Next meeting

  • a tentative date for the next Health and Safety Meeting will be Wednesday July 6, 2011 at 9:00am, in the Morris-Turnberry Council Chambers.


Moved by Gary Pipe                                 Seconded by Nancy Michie


“The Health and Safety Meeting will be adjourned at 9:35am.”

Disposition                        Carried