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Meeting Minutes

Friday January 14, 2011

Friday January 14, 2011




Date- January 14, 2011  Time    12:50pm  Place- Council room – 41342 Morris Road


Call to order:

  • The meeting was called to order by Nancy Michie at 12:30pm with all members in attendance

 In attendance:                    

  • Nancy Michie                       
  • Kim Johnston                       
  • Barry Shaw                      
  • Ross Goll                
  • Gary Pipe

Others in attendance:

  • No others were in attendance

Minutes of the last meeting

The Minutes from November 5, 2010 and December 17, 2010 were reviewed.

Moved by: Barry Shaw           Seconded by: Gary Pipe


“That the minutes of the November 5, 2010 and December 17, 2010 Health and Safety
Committee Meeting be adopted as circulated.”

Disposition                        Carried

Unfinished Business

  • Nancy questioned if the Bluevale hall Window was fixed and if they used the right glass to replace the window.  Gary Pipe advised that they used the same glass with the wire inside the glass to replace the window.
  • Gary would like to have more discussion about the Bluevale Hall Generator. He believes that the Roof or shed around the generator is not going to cut it and doesn’t see it working.                      

Regular Reports:

  • Workplace Inspections from November and December, 2010, were reviewed.
  • Nancy is taking a report to Council for the 2011 budget to install more shelving for
  • storage in the Basement.
  • Gary Pipe informed the Committee that the Morris Works Garage has been cleaned
  • up a great deal. 

New Business:

  • Gary Pipe informed the Committee that a couple of employees would like a copy of the Health and Safety Manual to keep for themselves.
  • Ross Goll stated that Donna Haugh would like a copy of the Manual as well. 
  • Nancy advised Kim to do up a Memo asking All employees who would like a copy of the Health and Safety Manual.
  • Barry Shaw brought  a few points up to the Committee that some employees had pointed out to him in the Health and Safety manual.

1 – An Annual schedule of Meetings to be posted.

2 – An Annual Schedule of Inspections to be posted.  The Health and Safety Committee
agreed that posting an inspection would not serve the purpose of the inspections. 
The inspection schedulewill not be posted.

3 – Have ALL committee members do ALL the inspections together once a year.

4 – Inspections are to be completed by One Management and One worker.

5 – Hearing Protection – Have testing done on new and Used equipment.

6 – Emergency Control Group – It was asked if we had one and who it was. 
Nancy advised Barry that there is an Emergency Control Group and they get
together for meetings.

7 – That annual Fire Extinguisher training must be done for all employees. 
Nancy advised Barry that Jared Cayley will be doing annual Fire Extinguisher
training with all employees.

Nancy advised the Committee that the Manual states that there should be a
Chairperson from Management and a co-Chair to represent the workers. 

Moved by Gary Pipe                                       Seconded by Ross Goll


“That Barry Shaw is the Co-chair for the Health and Safety Meetings.”

Disposition                        Carried

A Meeting schedule will be drawn up showing which meetings will be chaired by
Nancy Michie and Barry Shaw.

 Date of Next meeting

The Next Health and Safety Meeting will be held on Friday April 1, 2011 at 12:00noon at the Morris-Turnberry
Council Chambers.


Moved by Gary Pipe                                 Seconded by Barry Shaw


“The Health and Safety Meeting will be adjourned at 1:03pm.”Disposition Carried