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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday November 22, 2011

Tuesday November 22, 2011




41342 Morris Road

Tuesday  November 22, 2011               7:00 pm   


Minutes of the Meeting


1) Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:05 pm with all members in attendance for the call to order except Dave Baker, who arrived at 7:10 pm.

Council in Attendance:

Paul Gowing
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker
Jamie Heffer                            
Jamie McCallum                      
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:

Nancy Michie                Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Gary Pipe                      Director of Public Works
Steve Fortier                  Chief Building Official
James Marshall             Community Fire Safety Officer

Purpose:   The special meeting has been called to deal with:

1. Development Agreements

2.  Closed Session: 

1)  Confidential Report on Fire Options for fire suppression service

2)  2 Employee issues

3)  Discussion on Confidential Report of November 1st (Pending Time)

2) Agenda:

The Clerk added a listing to the agenda for consideration, as the items were of an urgent nature.

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion:  489-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge                         Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the agenda for the meeting of November 22, 2011 be adopted as amended.”

Disposition                        Carried

3)  Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

No member declared a pecuniary interest, at this time.

4) Business:

1. Development Agreements:

The Site Plan Agreement and the Development Agreement for the Britespan Development
were reviewed.

If the Storm Water Management is approved and the Development Agreement is signed, 
The building department can then proceed and the agreements will be sent to the Council for the
December 6, 2011 meeting.

Gary Pipe arrived at the meeting at 7:20 pm.

2. Closed Session:

1.  Confidential Report on Fire Options

2.  2 Employee issues

3.  Discussion on Confidential Report of November 1st

2.1.   Enter into Closed Session:                                             7:30 pm

Motion:  490-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council adjourn the Public Session of Council and enter into a Closed to the Public Session
for a matter pursuant to the Municipal Act, Section 239 (2)   (a)  Security of property of the municipality and (b)  personal matters about an identifiable individual;   and (c)   a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality; and that Gary Pipe, Steve Fortier and James Marshall be authorized to attend the meeting for Item#1. ”

Disposition      Carried

2. 2   Adjourn the Closed Session:                                         10:45 pm

Motion:  491-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

“That the Council adjourn the Closed to the public session and re-enter regular open session of council.”

Disposition      Carried

2.3  Report to the Public from Closed Session.

Council discussed confidential issues concerning Employee Issues and Fire Options.

Motion:  492-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry accept the Fire Options  proposal for fire service.”

Disposition      Carried

5) Adjournment:

Motion:  493-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

"That the meeting be adjourned at 10:45 pm. and this is deemed to be 2 -4 hour meeting."

Disposition     Carried

                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing




                                                                        Clerk, Nancy Michie