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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Tuesday October 04, 2011




41342 Morris Road

Tuesday  October 4th   2011      7:30 pm    

 Minutes of the Meeting

1)      Call to order:     The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:30 pm with all members in attendance.

Council in Attendance:

Paul Gowing
David Baker                             
Jason Breckenridge      
Jamie Heffer                            
Jamie McCallum                      
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:

Nancy Michie                Administrator Clerk Treasurer

Others in Attendance:

Keith Roulston              The Blyth/Brussels Citizen
Pauline Kerr                 The Wingham Advance Times

Township of North Huron -  Pat Newson- Director of Recreation,

David Riach- Councillor, Alma Conn- Councillor, Bernie Bailey- Councillor, Brock Vodden- Councillor , Gary Long- CAO , and Don Thompson ( Tenant at the LeVan Airport)  were in attendance.

2) Agenda:

The Clerk added a listing to the agenda for consideration, as the items were of an urgent nature.

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion:  401-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Neil Warwick

“That the agenda for the meeting of October 4th, 2011 be adopted as amended.”

Disposition                        Carried

3) Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

No member declared a pecuniary interest, at this time.

 4)  Minutes:

Motion:  402-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the minutes of the September 19th and 22nd, 2011 Council Meetings, be adopted as circulated.”

Disposition                        Carried

5)  Business from the Minutes

There was no other business from the minutes to be discussed.

6)  Accounts

Motion:  403-2011          Moved by Jason Breckenridge        Seconded by John Smuck

"That the Accounts dated October 4th, 2011 be approved for payment in the amount of             
$ 221,933.44.”

Disposition      Carried

Neil Vincent – Reeve North Huron,  arrived at the meeting at 7:40 pm.

7)  Deputation:                               7:40 pm

Wingham Airport Development Feasibility - Pat Newson

Pat Newson presented an Airport Update report to the Council.

The Airport provided information on Airport Challenges, Economic factors, Marketing Strategy and Operating Expenses.   An invitation was extended for the Council of Morris-Turnberry to appoint a member to the Airport Committee.

The Council will consider the report at another meeting.

The Gallery members from North Huron were thanked for attending:

Pat Newson, David Riach, Alma Conn, Bernie Bailey, Brock Vodden, Gary Long, Don Thompson and Neil Vincent left the meeting at 8:17 pm.

8) Business:


8.1 Maitland Valley Strategic Plan Outline and Activity Update

The Report sets out the MVCA priorities for 2011.   MVCA hopes to fundraise for projects, as $200,000,000.00  is required to fund projects for erosion, etc.  Dave Baker said they are lacking in funds for the required projects.

8.2 Cleaning Contract

Motion:  404-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry extend the cleaning contract       
with Chem-Bright Cleaning Services for a period of 2 years, at the amended rate of  $101.00.”

Disposition      Carried

8.3 Brussels Library Committee Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of the August 24th meeting requested by Mayor Paul Gowing, were reviewed.

The plan is to renovate the current library.

A barbeque was held for betterment of the main street on September 25, 2011.

8.4 2011 Ontario West Municipal Conference

Friday November 25, 2011    London Convention Centre

Paul Gowing will attend this conference.  This will be brought back to the next meeting with more information on the agenda.

8.5 CIBC Credit Agreement

Motion:  405-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by John Smuck

" That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry approve the Credit agreement with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, for the period of September 30, 2011 to July 31, 2012 for the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry.”

Disposition      Carried

8.6  History Book Reconciliation

A copy of the Budget update and reconciliation was viewed by the Council.

Jason Breckenridge asked if the RFP price on the publishing was fixed.  The Municipal share of the book is estimated at $98,632.66,  to date.Jamie Heffer asked about the letter to the editor.  How is the History Book Committee viewing this?

Jason Breckenridge said the committee members did not agree with the letter.

8.7  Paperless agenda:

  • Neil Warwick requested a discussion on how to improve the paperless agenda process.
  • The Council will compile a list of what they don’t like with the paperless agenda.
  • Paul Gowing used the link.  He would like the pages turned so the pages don’t have to be  rotated to read.
  • The cost of new software should be investigated,   so if the council member types in a  word,   they can find all the information on that item.
  • The maps are poor quality.
  • The agendas should be processed in PDF, in lieu of in word.
  • Dave Baker can handle this current format.
  • Jamie Heffer feels similar to Dave Baker.   He is with Wightman Internet and is having some problems receiving. He doesn’t want passwords.
  • John Smuck questioned if the council will be paid $20 a month to offset internet and paper costs.
  • Jamie McCallum likes this format, except the maps, so they don’t have to be rotated.
  • Jason Breckenridge doesn’t like the map quality and rotating pages.
  • John Smuck wants to be able to type in ‘Bluevale Storm’ and get all the minutes to come up.
  • Neil Warwick said the other council members have brought forward all the high points.

8.8 Fence Around Solar Panel

Motion:  406-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by John Smuck

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry leave the agreement with KW Powerlogic          
    Inc. as it is and may enforce a fence in the future.”

Disposition      Carried

8.8  Fire Service Options Report of September 22, 2011

  1. 1.  Results of the 2011 RFP, for Fire Suppression:

2012                       2013                       2014                       2015                       2016

Howick                $14,420.00        $ 14,852.60             $15,298.17            $15,757.11           $16,229.84

Huron East           $ 45,360                           $  46,980                 $48,600                    $50,220                $51,480

Calls                                       North Huron         $ 217,521.91     $ 223,395               $232,777.59           $239,062.58         $245,517.26

Tota                                       Total                      $277,302.00     $285,227.60            $296,675.76          $305,039.69          $313,227.10


Motion:  407-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry accept the RFP’s from North Huron, Huron      
East and Howick for a two year period, for 2012 and 2013 and proceed to investigate      
other options for fire suppression for the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry.”

Disposition      Defeated

Motion:  408-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by David Baker

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry defer the decision on the  Fire Suppression RFP’s for North Huron, Huron East and          Howick ,  until October 18,2011,  following  a deputation  at North Huron Council, on October 17, 2011.”

Disposition        Carried

This will be brought back to Council October 18, 2011.

9)  By-Laws:

9.1 By-law to approve the ‘Estate of Ethel Jean Willis’Development Agreement


Motion:  409-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

"That By-Law No. 60-2011 be adopted as given first, second, third and final readings being a by-law to approve the  ‘Estate of Ethel Jean Willis’ Development Agreement, dated  October, 2011, for the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry.”

Disposition      Carried


9.2       McDonald Municipal Drain

Motion:  410-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by John Smuck

" That By-Law No. 57-2011 be adopted as given first, second, third and final readings being a by-law to amend By-Law No. 9-2011  to provide for a greater amount for the McDonald Municipal Drain-2011, for the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry.”

Disposition      Carried

10)   Council Reports:

Jason Breckenridge:

The Bluevale Recreation will be holding a Halloween Dance on October 28, 2011.

Jamie McCallum:

He attended a Transition School Committee Meeting.  None of the playground equipment will be transferred to the new school.  The committee will be starting fundraising for playground equipment.  The schools will close June, 2012.  Blyth is in the Freedom of Choice area.  The committee is thinking of how they can continue the Belgrave / Blyth School Fair.

Jamie Heffer:   No report

David Baker:

He attended the MVCA dinner meeting at the Galbraith Park.  They toured the camp.  1,100 children have been through the camp and they are looking for donations.

John Smuck:  No report

Neil Warwick:  No report

Paul Gowing:

He attended the Brussels Fall Fair September 20th and 21st

He felt that the Landfill and Fire meeting on September 22nd was a good meeting.

On September 30th he attended the Howick Turnberry Fall Fair.

11) Items for Information:

1.  AMO Fall-Winter Councillor Training 2011

2.  AMO - Draft questions and information to ask your local candidate

3.  Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs – Agri Food Innovation

4.  Zoning by-law Amendment – North Huron

5.  Request for Municipal Drainage Repairs – Lot 10 Concession 3

6.  Relay for Life – Thank you

7.  Union Gas – Notice of Application

8.  Mayors and Firefighters Ice Fishing Challenge

9.  Out of the Storm – Goderich Benefit Concert

10. National Seniors Day

11. Canadian Diabetes

Motion:  411-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by Paul Gowing

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry endorse and support National Seniors Day and the Canadian Diabetes.”

Disposition      Carried

12. 2011 CRST Conference – October 16-18

13. Notice for Application for Consent – North Huron

14. Blyth Festival – Hometown Harvest Gala Dinner October 22, 2011

15. MADD Canada.  The Council will not support this.

16. Toastmasters – October Toastmasters month

12)  Minutes

1.  Wingham & Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee

2.  MVCA

13)  Other Business:

1.    Emergency Planning Meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2011, however due to change in date for the Emergency Exercise, the Municipality is not in a position to finalize the emergency program for 2011.  Therefore this meeting will be postponed until after the emergency exercise. The emergency planning meeting will be November 17, 2011 at 7:30 pm.

The Emergency Exercise will be on October 24, 2011 at 8:00 am.

2.   Meetings to attend:

1.   CHIP     Wednesday October 12,2011 4 pm   NH Wescast Complex

2.   Huron County Federation of Agriculture Annual Meeting    Thursday, October        
    20, 2011   6:30 pm   We will get 2 tickets.

3.   Huron County Annual Exercise      Monday, October 24,2011     8 pm

3.   A meeting to review the Personnel Policy and the Alcohol Policy will be held on

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 7 pm

The Council would like to receive a digital copy.

4  County Tax Sale   October 3,2011

The Clerk advised the council of the property from the tax sale that can be vested to the municipality.

5  There was no other business to present.

14)  Additions to the agenda for the next meeting:

1.  There were no other additions for the next agenda.

Keith Roulston and Pauline Kerr left the meeting.

The Council took a short break at 10:10 pm. and returned at 10:15 pm.

15)  Closed Session:

1. Confidential Matters ‘In regards to Identifiable Individuals’

1. CBO agreement with the Town of Goderich

2. History Book Expenses

3. Mileage for Office Employees

4. Letter from Ottewell & Lynn  -  Re:  By-law 28 of 1999

5. Human Resources Meeting Report

2.1  Enter into Closed Session:                                            10:10 pm

Motion:  412-2011      Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

“That the Council adjourn the Public Session of Council and enter into a Closed to the Public Session for a matter pursuant to the Municipal Act, Section 239 (2)   (b)  Identifiable Individual  ;   ”

Disposition      Carried

2.2   Adjourn the Closed Session:                                       11:53 pm

Motion:  413-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council adjourn the Closed to the public session and re-enter regular open session of council.”

Disposition      Carried

2.3     Report to the Public from Closed Session.

Council discussed confidential issues concerning Identifiable Individuals.

Extension of the Meeting:

Motion : 414-2011      Moved by John Smuck                    Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“ That the meeting be extended past 10:30 pm.”

Disposition       Carried.

Employee Positions:

Motion:  415-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                      Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council proceed to set the process in order for hiring a 37.5 hours a week full time Deputy Clerk , to be effective  April 1, 2012.”

Disposition      Carried

Motion:  416-2011     Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by David Baker

“That the Council authorized that the Accounts Payable Contract position be offered for extension, to March 31, 2012.”

Disposition      Carried

16)  By-law   59 - 2011    Confirming by-law

Motion:  416-2011       Moved by Jamie McCallum    Seconded by Jason Breckenridge 7

"That By-law No. 59 -2011 be passed as given first, second, third and final readings, being a by-law to Confirm the actions of  the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry for the meeting October 4, 2011."

Disposition      Carried

17) Adjournment:

Motion:  418-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by John Smuck

"That the meeting be adjourned at 12:05 pm. and this is deemed to be an over 4 hour meeting."

Disposition      Carried 



                                                                        Mayor, Paul Gowing




                                                                        Clerk, Nancy Michie