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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 05, 2011




41342 Morris Road

Tuesday July 5th    2011            7:30 pm   

Minutes of the Meeting

1)  Call to order:    The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:30 pm with all members in attendance.

Council in Attendance:

Paul Gowing
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker                 
Jamie Heffer                            
Jamie McCallum                      
John Smuck     
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:

Nancy Michie                Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Gary Pipe                      Director of Public Works
Steve Fortier                  Chief Building Official


Others in Attendance:

Keith Roulston              Citizen Newspaper
Pat Bolen                       Wingham Advance Times

Ratepayer:  Terry Matz was in attendance, in the gallery.

Other ratepayers were in attendance for various items.

2) Agenda:

The Clerk added a listing to the agenda for consideration, as the items were of an urgent nature.

The Public Works Report with Gary Pipe will be at 8:00 pm in lieu of 7:40 pm.

Jason Breckenridge wishes to discuss the computers at the end of the meeting.

Saugeen Conservation Authority Open House has been added to the Agenda Additions.

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion:  283-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the agenda for the meeting of July 5th, 2011 be adopted as amended.”

Disposition          Carried

3) Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

No member declared a pecuniary interest, at this time.

Pat Bolen joined the meeting.

4) Minutes:

Motion:  284-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the minutes of the  June 16th and June 21st, 2011 Council Meeting, be adopted as  amended
and the Clerk amend the location of the recorded vote on Page 9 of the June 21, 2011 minutes, that
the recorded vote should be located at Item # 17.5 not Item # 18.”

Disposition                  Carried

5) Business from the Minutes

There was no business from the minutes to be discussed.

6) Accounts

Motion:  285-2011                  Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by David Baker

"That the Accounts dated July 5th, 2011 be approved for payment with additions in the amount    
of $ 125,066.08 plus $317,460.95.”

Disposition      Carried

Jason Breckenridge questioned the first aid and surveying accounts.

7)  Business:

7.1 Schooley Mitchell –Telecom Consultants

The Council reviewed the report.

Motion:  286-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by John Smuck

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry instruct Schooley Mitchell to proceed to implement the savings for our telecommunications system, in the amount of $3,983.16.”

Disposition      Carried

Gary Pipe and Fred Friendorf arrived at the meeting.

7.2  Belgrave Water system:

1.   Letter from Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs         -OSWAP-3

Morris-Turnberry was not awarded funds from  the OSWAP 3 fund.

2.   Report on the Belgrave Water Interest

Motion:  287-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by Paul Gowing

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry support By-law No. 31-2011 passed on the
7th day of June, 2011.”

Disposition      Carried

7.3  Infrastructure Plan

Material was attached for information for Councils review.

This information will be further discussed in the Bluevale Drainage discussion.

8) Public Works Report/Drainage Superintendent:      Gary Pipe       7:55 pm

1.  Road Report:

Motion:  288-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Neil Warwick

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry receive the Road Report, as submitted July 5, 2011.”

Disposition      Carried

A meeting will be held on Salem Road July 28th at 7 pm.  Council can attend with the landowners.  John Smuck and Jamie Heffer will attend and Paul Gowing will attend,  if possible.

Steve Fortier joined the meeting.

2.  Retroflectometer

Motion:  289-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“  That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry authorize to proceed to purchase a Road Vista 922 Hand Held Retoflectometer with the Township of North Huron at the price of approximately $13,000   and waive the quote provision of the Procurement Policy,  due to Advantage Specialties being the only Canadian Supplier.”

Disposition      Carried

3. Report on the CPR switch on Glennanon Road

AnAgreement was reviewed by ouncil.A report was presented to Council by Gary Pipe.

 4.  Drainage Petition:

Motion:  290-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by David Baker

“ That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry receive the drainage petition for the Nichol Municipal Drain,  and appoint Dietrich Engineering Limited

to prepare a report under Section 78 of the Drainage Act.”

Disposition      Carried

5. Other Business:

1.  Trees for North Maitland

A meeting report was reviewed by the council for the meeting held on May 31,2011.

Gary Pipe said there are no problems planting trees.

He suggested planting trees at Turnberry Landfill; maybe parks or dam, or possibly give out to landowners.

Paul Gowing wondered if there could be a cost sharing with MVCA.

Trees could be a buffer at the landfill, or maybe there should be a woodlot management plan with the trees at the landfill site.

Dave Baker agrees with  the road side planting.

Morris-Turnberry has a good program now, more trees could be added.

Jason Breckenridge said the Municipality  should have a tree planting plan.

Gary Pipe is willing to work with the Committee and plant trees on Municipal Property.

Motion:  291-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry support ‘Trees for North Maitland’ and Gary Pipe will work with the Committee and Paul Gowing will also attend the meetings.”

Disposition      Carried

2.  Tool Box for Truck

David Baker wondered if there had been an old tool box for the new  truck or why a new one was purchased and was it,  in the budget.

Gary Pipe said they purchased a new tool box with the truck and there is an old one for sale.

9)  Bluevale Stormwater Drainage Improvements- Class EA

The report was presented on June 21, 2011 and the council reviewed a copy of the                          
complete report and the Executive summary.

A lengthy discussion was held:

Jason Breckenridge-  The report didn’t address feasibility and economics.

Paul Gowing-  Bluevale is lacking an outlet to address the groundwater.

Gary Pipe-  To proceed with the 1st stage, to install an outlet,  will not provide relief.

Jason Breckenridge- The engineer had stated that they were not aware of groundwater issues.

Gary Pipe-   the property can get rid of groundwater with catch basins.

Paul Gowing-  the landowners can pump water from basements.

John Smuck- is this required for 1 or 2 people.

Paul Gowing-  the people on the east side of the Village, have drainage issues, as well. Most complaints from Duncan Street.

Jason Breckenridge- questioned the municipal drainage report, that circulated in the commencement of the project.

John Smuck – suggested deferring the report.

Dave Baker-  $1.3 Million is a lot of money, however there has been a problem since 1968.  He felt that the EA should be completed and place on the shelf until funding is available.

Paul Gowing-  why defer – what will be gained.

Neil Warwick-  if the report is passed,  put on shelf and wait for funding.  Why defer the report.

John Smuck-  the report is unclear.

Paul Gowing – said that was very unfair to make a statement like that.

John Smuck- mentioned that the roads were not addressed in the proposal.

Motion:  292-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry defer the final Class EA report for the
Bluevale Stormwater Drainage Improvements.”

Disposition           Defeated


Terry Matz Deputation:

Terry Matz,  a Bluevale landowner presented a report on his comments for the project. 
He concluded by saying that if the council proceeds,  they should only proceed if 2/3 grant funding is available.

Mayor Gowing noted that a new house still requires an outlet and noted that he understand’s Terry Matz’s points.

Building Together:

Paul Gowing mentioned the Federal/  Provincial Infrastructure Plan -  Building together.

When the EA is complete,  the municipality can attempt to access funding.

Jamie McCallum-   The EA is required, for the project  to be shovel ready,  for funding.

Motion:  293-2011      Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry receive the final Class EA report for the Bluevale Stormwater Drainage Improvements and instruct BM Ross to proceed with the final notice.”

Disposition      Carried

Jason Breckenridge asked Gay Pipe if he can try and help the situation in the interim.  Gary Pipe said no. Paul Gowing said – there is no outlet.

10) Building Issues:

10.2 Fire Hydrant:

A report was presented to the Council.

There is a need for a fire hydrant on Arthur Street,   as Green’s Meat Market has a building proposal. There is fire protection required within 90 meters of the building.

It is a requirement under the building code.

A quote was received from North Huron, in the amount of  $21,000.00, for the proposal.

Paul Gowing said to make sure the fire hydrants are planned, in the right place.

Gary Pipe said the water department will design it and would make a loop for water flow.

Paul Gowing said the Municipality would own the hydrant.

Gary Pipe said this water line is required  and maybe other business will be attracted.

Paul Gowing said it is the cost of attracting development.

The cost is proposed to be shared by North Huron, on a basis of 3 lots in Morris-Turnberry and 2 lots in North Huron.


Motion:  294-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by John Smuck

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry proceed with an agreement with the Township of North Huron to extend the water  line on Arthur Street and install  fire hydrants  for access by all five commercial lots.”

Disposition      Carried

Gary Pipe left the meeting at 9:25 pm.


10)  Building Issues:           Steve Fortier                                                   9:25 pm

10.1 Fred Friendorf:

1.  Building Permit Issue

The Council reviewed the information concerning a proposal of Fred Friendorf, at 90284 London Road.

Motion:  295-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick                      Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry , in accordance with Item No. 4 of the Schedule A of By-law No. 15-2002, Stormwater Management Policy,  waive the requirement for an engineer’s stamp on the drainage plan,  for 90284 London Road, in regards to the building permit application submitted June 15,2011.”

Disposition      Carried

Steve Fortier left the table.

2.  Request from Fred Friendorf to purchase the former CPR Rail land that abuts his property.

The Council reviewed a copy of the letter and a diagram of the former CPR line that he would like to purchase from the Municipality, adjacent to his property at 90284 London Road.

Steve Fortier left the meeting at 10:00 pm

Fred Freindorf noted to the Council that if they do not sell the property,  they should maintain the former rail land, by cutting the grass and possibly build a berm to stop water flow from a neighbouring property.

The Council asked that this item be brought back to the council for a decision.

Fred Friendorf left the meeting at 10:10 pm.

7 )  Business:  Cont’d

7.4:      2nd Annual Warden’s Golf Tournament –July 15th

Motion:  296-2011     
Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry recognize the  2nd Annual Warden’s
Golf Tournament by a cash donation of $150.00 ‘tee sponsor’.”

Disposition      Carried

7.5  McGavin’s Farm Equipment:

75th Anniversary   on   July 15th  11 lunch,  speeches  1pm - at Business ,

Dance 8:30 pm at BMG

11) By-laws:

12)  Council Reports:

Jason Breckenridge:  No report

Jamie McCallum:

He attended the East Wawanosh Public School Graduation on June 27, 2011.  Dallas Coultes            
received the most improved award.

Jamie Heffer:

He attended the Turnberry Public School Graduation.

Jaden Murray received the Citizenship Award.   It was expressed to him that it was good to see a  Councilor out,  in lieu of the Mayor.

David Baker:

He attended the Brussels Public School Graduation.  Matt McNichol received the Most Improved Award.

John Smuck:   No report

Neil Warwick:  No report

Paul Gowing:

He attended the Blyth Public School Graduation on June 27th.

He attended Harbour Agriculture Shipping Opening and funding announcement on June 30th.

13)       Items for Information:

1.  Open House  July 7th  for Jack McLachlan

2.  Prism form – 911

3.  Taste of Huron

4.  Thank you for Daffodil Campaign

5. Immigration Strategy

6.  Drainage   - Nichol Drain, Blyth Creek Drain,  Thompson Drain

7.  Forest Conservation

8.  Extended Producer Responsibility

9.  North Huron Zoning By-law

14)       Minutes

1.  Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

15)      Other Business:

1.  Report from the Avon Maitland School Board:

A Letter from the OMB to close the file on the OPA#4 North Huron appeal for the Elementary School, was received.

2.  Declare as Surplus:

Motion:  297-2011     Moved by Jamie McCallum                Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

“That part of the unopened road allowance between Lots 10 & 11 Concession 1, Morris, be hereby declared as surplus to the needs of the Municipality of Morris-                          
Turnberry, pursuant to By-law no. 58-2003 – procedures for the sale of real property subject to North Huron paying the costs.”

Disposition      Carried

3.  Saugeen Conservation Authority- Open House July 29, 2011

Paul Gowing will attend.

4.  There was no other business.

16)  Additions to the agenda for the next meeting:

1.      There was no other business to add to the agenda for the next or any following meeting.

Motion:  298-2011      Extension of the meeting time:

Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry extend the meeting past

10:35 pm.”

Disposition      Carried

Keith Roulston and Pat Bolen left the meeting.


17)  Closed Session

1.  Human Resources Report

2.  Report on Community Fire Safety Officer

3.  Tax Vacancy Refund Report

17.1  Enter into Closed Session:                                             10:35 pm

Motion:  299-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council adjourn the Public Session of Council and enter into a Closed to the Public Session
for a matter pursuant to the Municipal Act, Section 239 (2)   (b)  Identifiable Individual  ;   ”

Disposition      Carried

17.2 Adjourn the Closed Session:                                          11:17 pm

Motion:  300-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Council adjourn the Closed to the public session and re-enter regular open session of council.”

Disposition      Carried

17.3  Report to the Public from Closed Session.

Council discussed confidential issues concerning an Identifiable Individual and a Confidential Matter
regarding a Vacancy Rebate.

 18) By-law 36 - 2011    Confirming by-law

Motion:  301-2011       Moved by Jamie McCallum    Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

"That By-law No. 34 -2011 be passed as given first, second, third and final readings, being a by-law to
Confirm the actions of  the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry for the meeting June 21, 2011."

Disposition      Carried

19) Adjournment:

Motion:  302-2011       Moved by John Smuck                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

"That the meeting be adjourned at 11:18 pm and this is deemed to be                                                            
2 – 4 hour meeting."

Disposition     Carried



                                                                        Mayor, Paul Gowing




                                                                        Clerk, Nancy Michie