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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 22, 2011

Tuesday March 22, 2011




41342 Morris Road

Tuesday  March 22th  2011       7:30 pm   

Minutes of the Meeting

1)      Call to order:    The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:30 pm with all members in attendance.

Council in Attendance:

Paul Gowing
Jason Breckenridge      
David Baker                             
Jamie Heffer                
Jamie McCallum                      
John Smuck     
Neil Warwick    

Staff in Attendance:

Nancy Michie                Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Gary Pipe                      Director of Public Works 

Others in Attendance: 

Keith Roulston              Citizen Newspaper
Pat Bolen                       Wingham Advance Times 

 No others were in attendance.

2) Agenda:                                                                                                           

The Clerk added a listing to the agenda for consideration, as the items were of an urgent nature. 

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion:  117-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by Jamie Heffer  

“That the agenda for the meeting of March 22nd, 2011 be adopted as amended.”

  Disposition          Carried  

3) Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:                                                   

Jamie Heffer declared a pecuniary interest for Item No. 11.9 Underwood Consent letter,   since family members are interested in the property. 

No other member declared a pecuniary interest, at this time.   

4)  Minutes: 

Motion:  118-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by David Baker

“That the minutes of the March 8th and March 15th, 2011 Council Meetings, be adopted as  amended and the Clerk amend the wording on Page 1 of the March 8, 2011 Minutes, Item   
2- Agenda, from capital drain project to ‘capital landfill project  –Stage 1 & 2’and Page 11 of the March 8, 2011 Minutes, Item 19.2 Motion 112-2011 from Seconded by David Baker to ‘Seconded by Jamie McCallum’.”

Disposition                  Carried

5)  Business from the Minutes

There was no other business from the minutes to be discussed. 

6)  Accounts                                                                                              

Motion:  119-2011           Moved by Neil Warwick    Seconded by John Smuck

"That the Accounts dated March 22nd, 2011 be approved for payment in the amount of $ 754,340.33.”

Disposition      Carried

7) Bob Trick - Animal Control Officer:                                                            7:45 pm

1.  2010 Animal Control Report       

Bob Trick advised the council of his role and presented his 2010 report.

Motion:  120-2011      Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the 2010 Annual report be accepted, as submitted by Bob Trick- Animal Control Officer.”   

  Disposition      Carried

2.  Wildlife Discussion Paper                                                             

Bob Trick reviewed his concerns on the discussion paper, in regards to compensation under the Livestock and Poultry Protection Act.   Morris-Turnberry, in October, 2010,  supported the comments on the discussion paper.   Bob Trick outlined areas of concern in the legislation.

A letter will be prepared for April 5, 2011. 

Jamie Heffer asked about premise ID, suggesting that it should be the farm business number or 911 number, as identification. 

Bob Trick would like to see the limit on Pets, which is two in the current Morris-Turnberry policy, stay as is.  

Bob Trick left the meeting at 8:05 pm.

8) Bluevale Drainage Proposal                                                              8:08 pm

Scott Allen and Dale Erb – B.M. Ross and Associates

Areport was presented by Scott Allen, Dale Erb.

          There are three phases as part of a Master Drainage Plan

          The flooding on Highway 86 was discussed.

          An email was received from Huron County, explaining that the culvert on Hwy 86,   was cleaned, with no problem at this time.  

          Scott Allen said Highway 86 is the cut off and is in a separate watershed.

          B M Ross looked on site and there is no flooding problem from Highway 86

          The County looks after their own water and lands to the north

Jeremy Taylor-R J Burnside, arrived at the meeting at this time.

Council comments:

          John Smuck asked where the County ditch outlets

          It channels to the river and empties in a low area by C Johnston property.

          Neil Warwick questioned what would be in the project.  

          Curb, gutter, catch basins and storm sewers and convey the water to the outlet through the cemetery.

          The proposal will not re-grade lots

          Neil Warwick questioned George Street, what they would gain.  Sump connection.

Laurie Cox arrived at the meeting at   8:25 pm

          B M Ross will not be surveying now, for ground water.

          Paul Gowing questioned curb and gutter, regarding the connection.

          Dale Erb said they would cut road down

          Each lot would have a  Storm sewer connection

          Go with pumped connection with sump pumps

          Paul Gowing asked if it will back flow.

          Dale Erb said there will be a check valve

       Jason Breckenridge said there were problems this week, lot to lot not from the   Road

     Dale Erb wondered if the lots could be graded to solve problems

          Paul Gowing stated:   There is still a need for an outlet

          Roads are higher and causing problems

          Cost recovery was discussed.

          Benefit to the lots was discussed.       

          Repayment Plan was discussed.

Further Council Comments:

          Neil Warwick said Hill, Thompson and Frieburger properties have water        problems

          Jason Breckenridge said that the report is  trying to fix the wrong thing

          Jason Breckenridge asked if there will be any more engineering reports before the       Public Meeting

     Scott Allen said there will be no more engineering at this point, until they get a  sense from people

          The EA is trying to provide a Master Drainage Plan for the area

         The springs in Bluevale could be rectified by upgraded pipe,  determined by a  hydrogeologist

          The public meeting is tentatively booked for April 14,2011at Bluevale Hall.

          Neil Warwick said there should be an Option # 4, said they should look at the problem areas

          Jason Breckenridge asked how the surface water gets to the storm sewer.

          Dale Erb asked if  the concern is ‘groundwater’

          Part of the problem is,  the water can’t get away

          It needs an outlet

          Part of road reconstruction will be set up to take water away

          The proposal will take the roads to the proper level to get water away

          Jason Breckenridge said there is an existing storm sewer east of Clyde Street

          Dale Erb said they would replace the drain on Clyde Street

          Neil Warwick asked why you would take water to Bell Street, when it can outlet in the river.  

          Dale Erb said the MOE prefers minimum outlets

Public Meeting:

          Scott Allen will explain the matter at the Public Meeting

           A Public notice will be sent to everyone in Bluevale and be placed in the newspaper and on the website. 

            Motion:  121-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by David Baker

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry accept the report in principle for the Bluevale Drainage and approve  the Public Meeting on April 14, 2011.”   
Disposition             Carried                                                  

Scott Allen and Dale Erb left the meeting at 8:55 pm. 

9) Belgrave Water System                                                                     8:45 pm

            Veolia Water – Laurie Cox   

            RJ Burnside & Associates - Jeremy Taylor                                     

Veolia Water presented the 2010 Compliance Report and the Annual Report for the Belgrave Water System.

Gary Pipe arrived at the meeting at 9:00 pm

Compliance Report:

          Laurie Cox explained the MOE Audit and Frequency Report and explained the Belgrave Water System

          The chlorine analyzer will need to be replaced in the future, one at the Humphrey Well and one at the pump house

          It will have to be replaced in the next few years, probably 2012 and 2013.

          Approximate value is $5,000.00 each

          The MOE audit requires a Video of the well, with the cost of videos being $8,000 to $10,000. This expenditure is in the budget

          If wells are in good shape, may not have to video every 5 years, other systems are every 10 years

         Jeremy Taylor said they look at casing and deterioration of casing

         Jeremy Taylor said it depends on casing and well, maybe reline or drill a well

         The Council should consider a tour of the well.

Accredited Operation

          An external audit has been performed in the process , as a step for the new   Drinking water license.

          There is one minor infraction, for improvement.

          A financial plan is then required.

          Jermey Taylor said 2010 MOE inspection was favourable

          Jeremy Taylor recommends that the Council see the treatment plant

          Then they will have a better understanding of it

          The Ownership of the system was with North Huron and Morris-Turnberry

          Under the 2010 agreement, ownership was  transferred to Morris-Turnberry

          Morris-Turnberry operates the whole system.

             Jason Breckenridge asked if the Council needs to be aware of any other items in the report

          Laurie Cox said the only thing may be that the Natural Fluoride level is naturally high

            Motion:  122-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by Jason Breckenridge

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry receive the 2010 Compliance Report and Annual Report for the Belgrave Water System.” 

Disposition      Carried

            Laurie Cox and Jeremy Taylor left the meeting at 9:20 pm.

10) Public Works Report:            Gary Pipe                                                      9:20 pm

            1.  Road Report:  The Road Report was presented to council by Gary Pipe. 

            2.  Turnberry Landfill

A letter from B M Ross and Associates was reviewed by the Council.

The water levels are odd at the Turnberry Landfill Site.  The engineers are questioning a pipe from the railroad.

No action is necessary from Council, at this time, as the engineers are working on the project.   

            3.  Gravel Tenders 2011:

A listing of the tenders received was presented.                                                                      

Jamie Heffer asked about the Woolcok Pit status.  Gary Pipe explained there is one year left for the agreement, with an option for an extension.    It is up to the Council regarding the future of the pit.            

David Baker asked why ‘M’ gravel is being tendered for,   in lieu of ‘A”.   Gary Pipe explained that the ‘M’ gravel provides a broader OPS spec, for approval;   it is a gravel to use for roads not being paved. “A” gravel  is used more for a road that is to be paved.  

Motion:  123-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by David Baker

“That the 2011 gravel tender submitted by Joe Kerr Limited be accepted for the following:

1.  Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling, and spreading approximately 34,500 metric tonnes of Granular ‘M’ Gravel  for the  South Half of the Morris Ward, Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, at the price of $7.34 per metric tonne, at the total quoted price of $253,230.00;

2a)Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling & spreading approximately 9,000 metric tonnes of Granular ‘M’ Gravel for the North Half of the Turnberry Ward, Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, at $6.78 per metric tonne, at the total quoted price of $ 61,020.00.

3.  Crushing and stockpile of approximately 8,000 metric tonnes of Granular ‘M’ Gravel for a Stockpile at the Woolcock Pit in the Turnberry Ward, Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, at the price of  $1.84 per metric tonne, at the quoted total price of $14,720.00.”

  Disposition      Carried

4.  Roadside Mowing 2011/2012                                                       

A listing of the tenders received were presented.

Motion:  124-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by John Smuck

“That the road side mowing quote submitted by Van Driel Excavating Inc.

be accepted at the quoted price of $30,955.22 in 2011 and $33,411.17 in 2012.”

  Disposition      Carried 

Pat Bolen left the meeting at 9:40 pm.  

5.  Summer Students 2011                                                                

Motion:  125-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry advertise for two summer students for 2011 to work in the road department,   and apply for a grant from the Rural Summer Jobs Service.” 

  Disposition      Carried

6.  Limits of Hours of Work                                                             

The Ministry of Labour requires that if an employer wishes their employees to work over 60 hours, if required, approval must be applied for and received.

The Municipality has requested approval for the road employees, in prior years. 

Gary Pipe said that since he has been here no one has worked over 60 hours. 

Motion:  126-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry apply to the Ministry of Labour for approval, for the road department to work over 60 hours per week, if required for an unforeseen urgent project.”

Disposition      Carried

7.  Other Business

1.  Jamie Heffer asked about the trailers, which were built,   for Road Closuresto take sand bags and signs to road closures.

2.  Neil Warwick questioned the Bluevale Drainage Plan.  Neil Warwick thinks surface water is the problem and not road water. 

He asked if Gary Pipe ever went out to inspect the area.   Catch basins could be installed and put a 6” tile down.

Jason Breckenridge said Gary Pipe should walk through Bluevale and see where the tiles are.

Neil Warwick thinks the problem could be fixed.

John Smuck said that the drainage proposal will not solve the problems

Jason Breckenridge walked around the block in Bluevale and observed water pooling on   the lots, however the tiles are not running.

David Baker said to get a drainage contractor to fix the problem

Paul Gowing said the EA is almost done

Neil Warwick thinks Gary Pipe should make recommendations

Paul Gowing said there is no outlet

Gary Pipe left the meeting at 10:00 pm.  

11)  Business:

11.1  2011 Interim Newsletter                                                       

The Council reviewed the draft newsletter.

Motion:  127-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie McCallum

  “That the 2011 Interim Tax Newsletter be approved as presented.”

Disposition      Carried

11.2     Mandatory Septic System Maintenance Program                 

A letter providing an update to the Huron County Municipalities was reviewed by Council.

This has been tabled at the County.  The council will wait for the County to contact the Municipality for a meeting.

11.3     Maitland Conservation Foundation                                      

Annual Dinner and Auction Friday, April 15, 2011 

Paul Gowing and David Baker will be attending.     

Motion:  128-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by Jamie Heffer

“That the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry donate a History Book, for the MVCA Foundation
Annual Fundraising Dinner.” 

Disposition      Carried

11.4     Essentials of Municipal Fire Protection – A Decision Makers’ Guide Seminar

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Palmerston Community Centre 

Motion:  129-2011      Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by Jamie Heffer

  “That registration for Jason Breckenridge and David Baker be submitted for the Essentials of Municipal Fire Protection, April 12th workshop at $30.00 each.”

Disposition      Carried                  

11.5     OMAF - Municipal Drains

1.         2011 Rural Municipal Drainage Course

Motion:  130-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by John Smuck

“That Jamie Heffer will attend the 2011 Rural Municipal Drainage Courseon April 27, 2011, with registration at $84.75.”

Disposition      Carried

11.6    Emergency Management Ontario

The council reviewed theletter congratulating the municipality for completing all mandatory emergency management activities for 2010.  

11.7     Concern in regards to closed session material:

A copy of an email was presented,   that followed the March 8th regular council meeting, in regards to a decision on the Employee pay grid By-law.  Jason Breckenridge, after the meeting,
thought that the decision on the matter should have been deferred to the March 22nd meeting. Jason Breckenridge said they should take time to think out decisions based on fact.

John Smuck said they should have a copy of the power point from the closed session.

Paul Gowing explained that the proper procedure is that the Council should receive the Council Package 48 hours prior to the meeting.  The Closed Session material is handed out and handed back in, at the meeting.

Neil Warwick said the best practice is to defer to the next meeting, if the Council want more time to think about a matter.            

Paul Gowing explained that the pay ranges are public information,  however,   what an employee wage is,  is not public  information. 

John Smuck asked if the policy can be changed, to eliminate Market Checks. 

Paul Gowing said it is current policy.  It is a method to show that the Municipality is paying an appropriate rate of pay. 

Neil Warwick explained the purpose of the policy. Maybe the council could relook at the policy and amend the market checks to every 5 years, in lieu of every 3 years.

Paul Gowing said that the current policy is working.           

11.8  Annual Compliance with Fire Protection and Prevention Act

Annual Compliance Report                                                              

The Council reviewed the report. Jared Cayley is working on this report.

Jamie Heffer declared a pecuniary interest and left the Council table.

11.9     Letter from George Underwood:

The letter is in regard to the JGN Farms Ltd consent application, requesting the council to state if the council is in support of the application.

Motion:  131-2011      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by John Smuck

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry advise George Underwood that the Council is in agreement with the consent application, however, there are issues to address prior to recommendation to the County of Huron.”

Disposition      Carried

John Smuck left the table. 

Jamie Heffer returned to the table.

11.10    Letter from Maitland Valley Conservation Authority:        

Motion:  132-2011      Moved by Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by David Baker

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry  approves the request from the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, for grass cutting at the Bluevale Park and Dam and assistance with the removal of the boards from the dam.”

Disposition      Carried

John Smuck returned to the table.

11. 11   Lower Town Street Proposal:                                              

Motion:  133-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Jamie McCallum

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry approves the requests from:  

1.  Robert McCool:   to close the lanes adjacent to his property and the part of Kate Street adjacent to his property, Lots 154 to 160  and Lots 185 to 191 Plan 410  ;

2.  Michael Wick:  to close the lane adjacent to his property, Lots 153 and 192 Plan 410;

3.  That the Municipality,  retain part of Albert Street adjacent to the Harper lot,  Plan 410, Part of Block C, as RP 22R4377 Part 3,   in the name of the Municipality,  until the Harper land is interested in that portion of the Albert Street.”

Disposition      Carried

12)       By-laws:

12.1     Municipal Drainage Maintenance 2010                                

Motion:  134-2011      Moved by David Baker                       Seconded by Jamie McCallum

" That By-Law No. 17-2011 be adopted as given first, second, third and final readings being a by-law to provide for Drainage Maintenance for the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry for the year 2010 and authorize the Drainage Maintenance grant forms to be   submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
and Food.”

  Disposition      Carried

12.2       Interim Tax Levy for 2011                                                   

Motion:  135-2011      Moved by John Smuck                        Seconded by Neil Warwick

" That By-Law No. 18-2011 be adopted as given first, second, third and final readings   being a by-law to provide for interim tax levies for the year 2011 for the Municipality of   Morris-Turnberry.”

Disposition      Carried

12.3  Cross Border Agreement                                                    

Motion:  136-2011      Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by Jamie Heffer

  " That By-Law No. 19-2011 be adopted as given first, second, third and final readings   being a by-law to amend the Schedules A & B  of the Cross Border Agreement with the   Township of North Huron, for the supply of water and sewer services to properties in the   Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, adjacent to the
Town of Wingham.”

Disposition      Carried                       

13)  Council Reports:

Jason Breckenridge:  He had no meetings to report from.  He attended OGRA and gave the council members a link to the presentations.

Jamie McCallum:  He attended a CHIP meeting March 9/11.  They are purchasing aspeedmachine and are asking for contributions from each municipality.

                                He will be attending an Economic Development meeting in Wingham, March 24th.

                                This fall there will be ‘Driving Tips for Seniors’.                    

Jamie Heffer:        Belmore Community Centre is gearing up for the Maple Syrup Festival.  The expenses are up.  He asked Dave Baker if the Brussels Community Centre costs are up.

David Baker:         Brussels Community Centre has had no rise in expenses.

They have received quotes for building renovations and are waiting for notification on grants.  The Community Centre is booked steady.  He couldn’t attend the MVCA meeting.

John Smuck:           No report.

Neil Warwick:        No report.

Paul Gowing:          He attended a seminar at Bayfield. They talked about transportation, car policy, walking trails, and bike lanes.

Wayne Caldwell, Planner,   gave a presentation on Immigration and decreasing population.

At the County level,   the draft budget has a small increase.  He has talked to representatives about the aggregate designation, on land.  He will be going to the County tomorrow. 

14)  Items for Information:                                                                      

                                   1.  Union Gas – Celebrating 100th Anniversary

                                    2.  Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration – Newcomer Champion Awards

                                    3.  Blyth Festival

                                    4.  Minister Responsible for Seniors – 2011 Senior of the Year

                                    5.  Zoning By-law – Municipality of Huron East

                                    6.  Thank you card – Carol Shaw and family

                                    7.  Thank you card – McCallum Family

                                    8.  Thank you card – Cora Alcock and family

                                    9.  Bluevale Community Hall Board Meeting – March 10, 2011

                                    10.  Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival - April 6, 2011  

                                    11.  Cancer Society – Daffodil pins

Keith Roultson left the meeting at 11:25 pm.

15) Minutes:                                                                                            

            1.  History book Minutes - March 16, 2011

16) Other Business:

1.  Low Frequency Noise (LFN) Committee:

Motion:  137-2011     Moved by John Smuck           Seconded by David Baker

"That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, appoint ‘Steve Fortier – CBO’ to be the Morris-Turnberry representative on the Low Frequency Noise (LFN) Committee,"

Disposition      Carried 

2. Landfill Meeting

April 12, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Paul Gowing, Dave Baker and John Smuck will attend the meeting with Huron East, to review the agreement.

3.  There was no other business to present.

 17) Additions to the agenda for the next meeting:

1.  CHIP grant for 2011.

2. There was no other business to add to the agenda for the next or any                       
following meeting.

18)  By-law 20 - 2011    Confirming by-law  

Motion:  138-2011     Moved by Jamie McCallum    Seconded by Neil Warwick

"That By-law No. 20 -2011 be passed as given first, second, third and final readings, being a by-law to Confirm the actions of  the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry for the meeting March 22, 2011."

Disposition      Carried

19) Adjournment:

Motion:  139-2011      Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by John Smuck

"That the meeting be adjourned at 11:35 pm. and this is deemed to be an ‘over 4 hour’ meeting."

Disposition         Carried



                                                                        Mayor, Paul Gowing


                                                                        Clerk, Nancy Michie