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Meeting Minutes

Thursday March 3, 2011

Thursday March 03, 2011


41342 Morris Road
Minutes of the Meeting 

Thursday, March 3, 2011      7:00 pm


1)  Call to order:    The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:00 pm with all members in attendance.



1.   To meet with landowners effected by the Proposed Street and Lane  Closures in Lower Town, Wingham  and 
2.   Review of a Draft Budget Meeting


Council in Attendance:

                      Paul Gowing      
Jason Breckenridge        
David Baker                       
Jamie Heffer     
Jamie McCallum                              
John Smuck     
Neil Warwick   


Staff in Attendance:

                      Nancy Michie     Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Steve Fortier      Chief Building Official

Others in Attendance:
No others were in attendance.

            2)  Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

            No member declared a pecuniary interest, at this time.               

            3)  Agenda

Motion: 81-2011     Moved by  Jamie McCallum    Seconded by  David Baker
                                “That the agenda for the meeting of   March 3,2011  be adopted as circulated .
                                       Disposition        Carried


            The council moved from the council table to the gallery area of the room for the next item.


            4)         Proposed Closure and sale of Part of the untraveled streets known as:
                        Albert Street, Patrick Street and Stacey Street  and part of a lane,  Plan 410
                        in Lower Town,   Wingham 


                        Paul Gowing called the meeting with the landowners to order and introduced: 

                        Joan Krantz- Donnelly and Murphy Law Office   and
                        Doug Culbert- Land Surveyor ,   who were in attendance.

                         Landowners in attendance:

                        1.  Dianne Campbell and Doug Newell
                        2.  Trevor Machan
                        3.  Mrs. Charles Omole
                        4.  David St. Marie
                        5.  James Needham
                        6.  Harold Martin
                        7.  Robert McCool                        

                        Landowners absent:

                        1. Jordan T. Errington
                        2.  Michael Wick  and Stacey Lynn March – Walsh


                        1.  Nancy Michie presented aPower Point Presentation on the Proposal

                        2.  Doug Culbert reviewed the  Draft Survey.  The lots were created in 1865 in Plan 410.

                             The areas of concern on the draft plan are:   Parts 3,6,7  and 11.

Paul Gowing asked what is the normal split of road allowances.  Doug Culbert advised,  the normal is equal split, 
however the final decision rests with the council.  

3.  Joan Krantz  reviewed the legal aspects of the proposal. 

            1. There is no squatters rights for road allowances.

2.  Under the new Municipal Act,  the Council make the decision on how the road is to be split.

            3.  The land must be declared as surplus

            4.  Then to follow the Disposition of land policy.

            5. The Old Municipal Act was fair with a 50-50 split.  

            6.  If  Robert McCool wants the lane closed, it should be done now.

7.  David St. Marie should have Patrick St split and join with the 2 parcels,  or the lands will all join in 1 parcel.    
John Smuck asked if the St. Marie lane would join together and Joan said no if in separate ownership,  the
parcels will not merge. 

8.  Doug Culbert explained the severance of  lands.

9.  Question is how to split Part 11.  Trevor Machan would prefer all of it.   The Hydro poles on Parts 6 and 7 
 were questioned. Joan Krantz could check any unregistered easements.     A notice will be sent to Hydro
One for comments.   John Smuck advised that if the poles are numbered,  Hydro One will look after them. 

10.  Robert McCool is considering to close the lanes and part of Kate Street.  If he decides to proceed, 
he must submit a request in writing. 

11.  David St. Marie advised that Michael Wick wants to close the land between his lots.  
A letter will be sent o him, to advise him of the information and procedure.

12.  Part 3 should be split with Martin/ Needham / McCool.     Needham would like the whole lot.  James
Needham submitted a letter from his sister in law – Jessie Martyn,  explaining that the property has been in the
family for 60 years plus and they have used the unopened road allowance.   Trees have been planted on the
edge of the road allowance.

Sally Martin explained that they want a portion of the road allowance. James Needham explained that he
plans to remove the 2 residences and build a new house.    The septic and driveway are on the road allowance.  
Steve Fortier explained that 2 houses cannot be built on the property.

Joan Krantz explained that if a new house is constructed,  probably a new septic will be required.  

Neil Warwick expressed that 33 feet should be sufficient for a driveway.  Joan Krantz suggested splitting the
roadway,  the wider end for Needham, adjacent to the road and narrower to the west.   Sally Martin said no –
they want an equal share, split down the centre, with ½ of the road frontage. 


4.          Nancy Michie continued with the Power Point presentation.   A discussion followed on the sharing of the costs.  
Doug Culbert suggested a flat fee and then share the remainder, based on area.   The legal costs will be based
on the number of deeds. 

 The council then moved back to the Council table at 8:30 pm. 

Joan Krantz and Doug Culbert left the meeting.


Motion: 82-2011         Moved  by       Neil Warwick               Seconded by   John Smuck

“That the Council of the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry hereby authorize that the Municipality proceed with the 
Proposed Closure and sale of Part of the untraveled streets known as:

Albert Street, Patrick Street and Stacey Street  Plan 410 in Lower Town,   Wingham;   and part of a lane, that
separates Lots 183, 184, and Lots 161 and 162, Plan 410;    and that  the lands be hereby declared as surplus to
the Municipality’s needs;   and that the survey plan be finalized as approved with Part 3, split down the centre,  with
equal frontage for Needham and Martin.”

Disposition          Carried.


Discussion- The letter from Jessie Martyn was read.  Jason Breckenridge asked if the trees are a natural severance.  
David Baker and Jamie Heffer  said it is unfortunate but that the split should be 50-50 equal shares.

All of the property owners left at 8:40 pm.

5)         Budget Review:

                        1.    The council proceeded to review draft budget package.
                            After review,  the council suggested that the levy increase 3.69%  and the municipal tax rate decrease by 1.04%.    


                        6)  Adjournment:

Motion:  83-2011    Moved by            John Smuck                 Seconded by  Jamie Heffer
                        “That the meeting be adjourned at  10:55 pm and this is deemed to be
                          2-4  hour meeting.”

                                    Disposition      Carried.




                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing



                                                                                                Clerk, Nancy Michie