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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Tuesday January 11, 2011




41342 Morris Road

Tuesday  January 11, 2011        5:30 pm   

Minutes of the Meeting

1)      Call to order:    The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at                
5:30 pm with all members in attendance.

Council in Attendance:

Paul Gowing 
Jason Breckenridge     
David Baker                            
Jamie Heffer                
Jamie McCallum          
John Smuck                 
Neil Warwick              

Staff in Attendance:

Nancy Michie               Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Gary Pipe                      Director of Public Works
Steve Fortier     Chief Building Official


2)      Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

No member declared a pecuniary interest.  

3)       Agenda: 

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion:  15-2011        Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by Neil Warwick

“That the agenda for the meeting of January 11, 2011 be adopted as circulated.”

Disposition         Carried

4)   Landfill Presentation -                    5:30 pm

Kent Hunter and Joy Rutherford from R J Burnside made a presentation on the Morris-Turnberry
Landfill Site. 

The discussion with the Council entailed the following items:

·         Background on the landfill Site

·         Update on the landfill status

·         Long Term Site Usage

·         Waste Management Strategy

·         Recommendations for 2011

A second meeting for options can be held with Council later in the year,  following the site approval from the MOE .

Kent Hunter recommended that a Waste Strategy should  be considered and  a Steering Committee set up.   

Options of a grant for Waste Diversion. 

A Waste Audit could  be performed.

Jason Breckenridge wants a copy of  presentation. 

5)  Lunch Break – A lunch break was taken at 6:30 pm

6) Presentation – Councillor Training – Ward & Uptigrove

        Ben Cornell and Dave Hagel made a presentation at 7:00 pm

1.  Dave Hagel from High Performance Human Resources presented training which included:  

- best communication techniques

- conflict resolution

- different personality types & how to interact (would include DISC assessment)

- working as a team

- leadership 

2. Ben Cornell – from Ward and Uptigrove presented training on  Performance management,
which included: 

-          Market Check

-          Pay Equity

-          Pay Grids

-          Council remuneration 

7)  2011 ROMA /OGRA Conference

Motion:  16-2011        Moved by Jason Breckenridge             Seconded by John Smuck

“That Paul Gowing, Jamie McCallum, David Baker, Jamie Heffer, Jason Breckenridge                                
and Gary Pipe will attend the 2011 ROMA /OGRA Conference Sunday, February 27                                   
to Wednesday, March 2, 2011.” 

                        Disposition      Carried 

 8)  Adjournment:

 Motion:  17-2011       Moved by Jamie McCallum     Seconded by David Baker

      "That the meeting be adjourned at 10:10 pm. and this is deemed to be an over 4 hour meeting."

      Disposition     Carried


                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing


                                                                        Clerk, Nancy Michie