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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday November 1, 2012 - Public Meeting

Thursday November 01, 2012

41342 Morris Road
Minutes of the Special  Council Meeting   
Thursday   November 1st , 2012      9pm

1)  Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 9:05 0 pm with all members in attendance for the call to order. 
Purpose:  The Mayor called this special meeting to discuss options for fire service.
Council in Attendance:
Paul Gowing 
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker
Jamie Heffer                                     
Jamie McCallum                              
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:
Nancy Michie                     Administrator Clerk Treasurer

Others in Attendance:
No others were in attendance.

2)  Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:

3)  Agenda
Motion: :  440-2012      Moved by Neil Warwick          Seconded by  Dave Baker
“That the agenda for the meeting of   November 1st , 2012 be adopted as circulated or amended.”
Disposition              Carried

4)   Business:
1. Closed Session:
Confidential Report on a proposal for fire service ,   under s. 239 (2) (b) personal matters about  an identifiable individual  and (2) ( c)  a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality of local board;

1.1  Enter into Closed Session:
Motion: :  441-2012    Moved by   Jamie Heffer                       Seconded by  Dave Baker
“That the Council adjourn the Public Session of Council and enter into a Closed to the Public Session for a matter pursuant to the Municipal Act, Section 239 (2)   (b)  personal matters concerning an identifiable individual and (2) ( c)  a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality of local
board  at 9:08 pm. “
Disposition              Carried

1.2  Adjourn the Closed Session:
Motion: :  442-2012    Moved by Jamie McCallum                 Seconded by  John Smuck
“That the Council adjourn the Closed to the public session and re-enter regular open session of council,  at 10:20 pm .”
Disposition            Carried

1.3  Report to the Public from Closed Session.

The council reviewed and discussed a confidential report for fire services, dated November 1,2012, concerning identifiable individuals.
5)  Adjournment:
Motion:  443-2012    Moved by   Jamie McCallum     Seconded by  Neil Warwick
“That the meeting be adjourned at   10:20  pm and this is deemed to be less than 2   hour meeting.”
Disposition      Carried.

                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing

                                                                                                Clerk, Nancy Michie