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Meeting Minutes

Thursday May 24, 2012

Thursday May 24, 2012

Municipality of Morris-Turnberry
Minutes from Public Meeting – ‘To review Options for Fire Service’
Thursday May 24th, 2012
Knights of Columbus Hall, Wingham

1) Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Mayor Paul Gowing

Council in Attendance:
Paul Gowing – Mayor,
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker
Jamie Heffer
Jamie McCallum
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:
Nancy Michie, Administrator Clerk – Treasurer
Steve Fortier, Chief Building Officer
James Marshall, Community Fire Safety Officer

Others in Attendance:
Gary Wood, Huron County Community Emergency Management Coordinator
Marty Bedard, Huron County Mutual Aid Coordinator
Approximately 246 Residents from the surrounding Community

Mayor Paul Gowing introduced Council Members and Municipal Presenters.

Mayor Paul Gowing spoke about the purpose of the Public Meeting and reasons why Morris Turnberry is reviewing the options for Fire Service.

Marty Bedard presented the Municipal responsibilities under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. 
He also explained Mutual Aid in Huron County.

Nancy Michie made a presentation with Background Information, Items to review, and Location of the Properties.

Steve Fortier made a presentation on draft drawings of the Fire Hall.

James Marshall made a presentation in regards to Proposed Fire Area and Proposal for Volunteer  Fire Fighters.

Nancy Michie finished the Power Point presentation with a presentation on Costing.

The Meeting took a short break before continuing with Presentations from the Public.

Presentations were made from the following people:

Owen Curtis,
Doug Kuyvenhoven,
Wayne Hopper,
Roger Somers,
Pat Beer Bailey,
Dorothy Kelly,
Jeff Howson,
Lynn Hayes - Armstrong,
John Schwartzentruber,
Stephen Webster

Council received comments and questions from the Public:

Doug Garniss – Congratulations to Council on having a Public Meeting.  How does Huron East and Howick provide
 fire protection for half the cost of North Huron?
Paul Gowing – Different level of service provided, level of infrastructure and money spent for operating.
Gord Folkard – Does not approve, wants to know how to stop Council
Paul Gowing – This is the reason for the Public Meeting, would like to know what public wants
Gord Folkard – Does not agree with any numbers presented.
Paul Gowing – They are hard costs, the numbers are from other areas.
Gord Folkard – Take a vote and Stop it!
Paul Gowing – Council will take this into consideration.
Jason Breckenridge – There will be a questions sheet sent out to voice opinion
Debbie Reid – Why is the land already bought?
Paul Gowing – had no option but to go with an agreement for 2 years with North Huron.  Started in 2009 with the
end of the Fire Board. Bought 2 lots for fire lots because there were no other options.
Debbie Reid – What happens if we don’t do this option , what happens with the land that was bought?
Paul Gowing – Bought the land at Market Value, if Council had told public they were looking at lots to buy, the price would have risen.
Debbie Reid – Thinks Council jumped the gun by buying the land already.
Kathy McCracken – How many people are interested in Fire Fighting? Was Wayne Hopper right when he stated 9 people interested?
Paul Gowing – This is the first time they have asked for volunteer Fire Fighters.
Nancy Michie – This is the first she has heard that 9 people are interested.  Don’t know where that number came from.
Lynn Hayes -  Armstrong – Concerned with Assets.  What if this doesn’t work?  What is a Fire Station in Belgrave Worth?
Paul Gowing – we can survey land and make lots
Lynne Armstrong – Does not support this option and would like to take a vote.
Archie MacGowan – Not in favour of this option.  Why purchase land and have public meeting if they don’t know if they can hire the manpower.
Paul Gowing – Steps have been taken to see if they should proceed.  They have a time line with the agreement ending in 2013.
Archie MacGowan – without bodies, you are wasting time.
Jason Breckenridge – Council’s job is to look at every option.  Only closed session was to purchase the land.
Kevin Falkner – Fire Fighter for North Huron.  Will your Fire Fighters be under Schedule 1 or Schedule 2?  Should double your figures in Budget.  There has been no word about Fire Fighter Safety.
Paul Gowing – Would have to talk to Council.  Right now they are looking for volunteers that are interested.
Roger Somers – It is clear the majority is no, wants to resume talking with North Huron.  Has Council Heard the comments tonight?
Paul Gowing – Making notes on presentation.  Understands the public at the meeting tonight want to go back and talk to North Huron Council.  The last meeting was cancelled by North Huron.  Morris Turnberry has in agreement until the end of 2013.
Stephen Webster – Did you ask North Huron to answer questions?
Paul Gowing – Public Meeting is for Morris Turnberry.  There are people from North Huron in attendance, if any Council from North Huron would like to make comments they can do that.
Archie MacGowan – North Huron is not prepared to subsidize Morris Turnberry Fire.
Paul Gowing – How much of cost to run North Huron should be borne by Morris Turnberry.  The cost that has come from North Huron is flawed.  The numbers should be done by assessments
Ross Procter – Congratulates Morris Turnberry Council for having a Public Meeting.  How many people are in favour of Fire Hall.  Since no one stated they are in favour, is that an indication to Council
Paul Gowing – Yes large indication
Lynne Armstrong – Is it $100.00 per household now?  Costs are confusing
Nancy Michie – The current cost is $300.00 per household, if the Council was to go ahead with their own department the costs would be around the same.
Archie Mac Gowan – What is the upside to this option?
Paul Gowing – Need to be mindful about liability.  Morris Turnberry is held responsible to provide the services. Hiring a service does not reduce liability.
Lynn Hayes- Armstrong – The lot in Belgrave has been across from her for 30 years and has only sold twice.  There shouldn’t have been a hurray to buy.  The Provincial laws are lowering the perk to buy lots due to septic concerns. The Budget is only worrying about the bottom line.  Should be developing a project line by line.
Paul Gowing – looked into the septic issue with the lots in Belgrave and that is not true.
Lynn Hayes- Armstrong – How is recruiting going?  Are they aware of the training?
Paul Gowing – Extensive information to be given out.  There will be extensive training.
Chris Palmer – Suggested that there is a wall between the two municipalities.  What about a mediator?
Paul Gowing – Would need to look at how that could be done.
Jason Breckenridge – has looked and discussed this, it is not legally binding.
Sheri De Boer – Option sheet for fire found in PowerPoint presentation that was provided for the public. This should be a closed ballot vote, have someone other than Morris Turnberry staff doing the counting.
Nancy Michie – Explained that it was a letter to be mailed out Monday and explained the process for the mail out. 
The count would be kept and taken to Council.
Archie MacGowan – Thanked Doug Kuyvenhoven for his presentation.  How much tax revenue is from North Huron
to Morris Turnberry?
Paul Gowing – Agreements for services are paid 100%
Archie MacGowan – The tax revenue that is given back to North Huron is $0.00.  He owns property in North Huron and Morris Turnberry
Doug Kuyvenhoven – the Fire Options survey – only about 40% return rate.  That would automatically mean that 60% are in favour of the Fire department.  Any votes that are not returned should be void.
Paul Gowing – understands the issue of mailing out surveys.  Try to base decision on what is returned.
Terry Matz – Make the Statement about the form not being returned, is considered that you are in favour of
proceeding with the formation of Morris-Turnberry Fire Department, in Large writing and placed at the top of the survey!
Jason Breckenridge – if we go with the 40% that are sent back and 20% are in favour and 20% is not in favour, we are no further ahead.

Gary Wood closed the question period.

Paul Gowing thanked everyone that came to the meeting and adjourned the meeting at 10:00pm


                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing

                                                                                                Clerk, Nancy Michie