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Meeting Minutes

Thursday April 19, 2012

Thursday April 19, 2012

41342 Morris Road
Minutes of the Meeting
Thursday, April 19th , 2012   7:00 pm


1)  Call to order:    Mayor Paul Gowing
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Paul Gowing at 7:00 pm

Council in Attendance:
Paul Gowing
Jason Breckenridge
David Baker
Jamie Heffer                                       
Jamie McCallum                
John Smuck
Neil Warwick

Staff in Attendance:
Joan Krantz                           Legal Counsel
Doug Culbert                       Surveyor
Nancy Michie                       Administrator Clerk Treasurer
Gary Pipe                              Director of Public Works
Steve Fortier                        Chief Building Official
Kim Johnston                       Office Staff

Others in Attendance:
Rate payers from LowerTown Wingham

Mayor Paul Gowing Introduced Council and staff in attendance and welcomed Ratepayers to the Meeting.

Mayor Paul Gowing discussed the Purpose of the meeting.

Administrator Clerk Treasurer Nancy Michie Presented a Power Point Presentation.

Doug Culbert explained Survey work completed in LowerTown Wingham.
He will take direction from Council, but changes can be made.  Doug also explained that the costs for
closing the lanes are worst case scenario.
The lanes in LowerTown Wingham are municipally owned and protected under the Municipal Act.
The costs for closing lanes will never be less then what Council is offering right now.

Joan Krantz explained splitting lanes between two adjoining landowners.
She explained that the Municipality needs bylaws in place on how to proceed with surplus lanes. 
Morris-Turnberry Council has discretion on who to sell the lanes to.  Joan explained that there is no
profit for the Municipality in the costs.  Joan also recommended having your own Lawyer look at the papers.

Comments from the Property Owners:
Jeff Pollard – if an area is considered wet lands, what will happened when it becomes closed, what permits will be required.
Paul Gowing – If it is considered wetlands, ownership change will not change it.
Glen McLennan – What benefit does this provide if a lane is divided four ways.  Does it cost the same if someone receives 30 ft of road compared to 9ft of road?
Nancy Michie – There is no discussion on Road Closures at this time.
Doug Barfoot – Will I have to pay the $1100 if I want part of Kate Street after maintaining it.
Nancy Michie – There has been no decision on Kate Street, only decisions on lanes at this time.
Jamie Heffer – The Council would like you to give your comments tonight.  The comments will help Council decide how to proceed with the lanes in LowerTown.  The Council cannot help the ratepayers if they don’t know what you want.  The Council is trying to look at the best interest of LowerTown Wingham.
Murray Fear – Confirmed that there will be no road closures at this time.  Only the lanes in yellow on the maps.
Nancy Michie – Yes, only proposals on lanes.
Joan Krantz – When there is a lane dividing it becomes two separate parcels
Murray Fear – if the lane is closed, it will become one lot.
Joan Krantz – Yes
Russell Schuit – What if no one wants the lane because it is in the wetlands.
Joan Krantz – The Council can still close a lane if nobody wants it, it stays with the Municipality.
Merv Baker – Why pay so much money for something only 4 people want?
Paul Gowing – We are taking comments tonight to see if anyone else would like to do this at a lower cost.
Judy Mathers – What if the two neighbours do not want the lane, can someone come in and buy it.
Paul Gowing – That is not Councils’ intention. The Council would like the lanes to be conveyed to the adjoining properties.
Steve Fortier – You cannot build on a lane, it must be consolidated.
Judy Mathers – Can you put a camper on the lane for weekends
Steve Fortier – No it is not permitted use.
Nancy Michie – Municipal bylaws in the past have had lanes closed to adjoining land owners.
Neil Warwick – If the adjoining landowners want the lane, they will get the lane.  If the landowners do not want the lane then Council must decide what to do with it.  It would be nice to have the lanes
closed at the same time and will add value to your property.
Dennis Knox – Does not see a benefit in this proposal, even if he buys his lane, he cannot build on it anyway.
Pat Bailey-Beer – If one person approaches Council to close a lane, then they should be the one that is charged for expenses.
Neil Warwick – no one is forced into this proposal.
Audrey and Earl Fitch – Why not leave it and if a person wants it, then complete it for them. Will the cost be added on taxes?
Neil Warwick – No one will be forced into this.  If only half of the people want to do this then the costs will be calculated accordingly.  This can definitely be left the way it is now, it was a housekeeping option.
Paul Gowing – Please look at your package you received and send in your comments.
Dennis Jewitt – It would make sense to own the access to his lands.  He is not opposed to purchasing the lane at a reasonable cost.
Wayne Waechter – Council is asking for approximately $1100.00, but that is without knowing the exact costs.
Paul Gowing – All costs right now are Estimates.
Barbara Hallman – What is the timing on this. Can we decide not to do this if only a small amount choose to?
Jim Newell – What are the Municipal requirements for looking after the lanes right now

Dave Baker – This issue of lane closures in LowerTown kept coming in front of Council.  Thought it would be a suggestion to do this all at once to lower costs.  Would like to sell it to the rightful owners.  The lanes can stay the way they are, trying to make change.
Beverley Noble – The people who request the lane closures should be the ones that pay the costs. This could cause friction between neighbours.
Jim Newell – What is someone can’t afford it but wants it, can it be applied to taxes
Dave Baker – that is something the Council could discuss
Barbara Hallman – Why couldn’t this cost be put towards taxes like Belgrave Water is and paid over a period of years.
Norman Leclair – When he bought his property the survey should have showed this lane, he has been looking after the maintenance of it.
Jason Breckenridge – The Council is not forcing anyone into this proposal. 
If you do not want to buy the lane, then don’t.  The Council is trying to make it easier for everyone involved.

Mayor Paul Gowing thanks everyone for attending the meeting.

Nancy Michie stated that if you wished to discuss the lane or untraveled road, adjacent to your property, there would be time after the meeting to meet with Council, Doug Culbert or Joan Krantz.

Paul Gowing adjourned the Meeting at 8:25pm.

                                                                                                Mayor, Paul Gowing


                                                                                                Clerk, Nancy Michie