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Firecode Requirements

Fire Code Requirements

This page has been created to help building owners who want to learn more about their duties under the Ontario Fire Code.  The below documents will help you, the building owner understand some of the necessary requirements under the Ontario Fire Code.

Ontario Fire Code Checks, Tests & Inspections

Checks, Tests & Inspections required under the Ontario Fire Code with frequencies

Part 2 - Building & Occupant Safety

bullet Non-fixed Seating Requirements
bullet Emergency Light Testing Requirements

Part 6 - Fire Protection Equipment

bullet Fire Alarm System - Daily & Monthly Inspections and Tests (CAN/ULC-S536)
bullet Qualification and Responsibilities of Persons Performing Tests, Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment (Fire Alarm Systems)
bullet Portable Extinguisher Maintenance

Sprinkler Systems

Subsection 6.5.1.  General
Subsection 6.5.2.  Sprinkler System Shutdowns
Subsection 6.5.3.  Checking
Subsection 6.5.4.  Inspection
Subsection 6.5.5.  Testing
Subsection 6.5.6.  Maintenance


Emergency Power Systems (Generators)

Section 6.7  Emergency Power Systems (Ontario Fire Code)
CAN/CSA-C282-05   11. Operation and Maintenance Program
1.  Weekly inspection, test, and maintenance requirements
2.  Monthly inspection, test, and maintenance requirements
3.  Semi-annual inspection, test, and maintenance requirements
4.  Annual inspection, test, and maintenance requirements
5.  Quinquennial (every 5 years) inspection, test, and maintenance requirements



Illustrated Commentary on Portions of Part 3 & Part 5 (Ontario Fire Code)

bullet Section 3.3 Storage
bullet Section 3.4 Industrial Trucks
bullet Section 3.5 Salvage Shops and Salvage Yards
bullet Section 5.6 Compressed Gas Cylinders
bullet Section 5.10 Combustible Dust Producing Processes
bullet Section 5.11 Combustible Fibres
bullet Section 5.12 Spray Applications Using Flammable & Combustible Materials
bullet Section 5.13 Dip Tanks
bullet Section 5.14 Special Processes Involving Flammable & Combustible Liquids
bullet Section 5.17 Welding & Cutting
bullet Section 5.18 Industrial Ovens for Baking & Drying Processes

Fire Safety Guidelines

bullet Smoke Alarm Guideline
bullet Smoke Alarm Maintenance Checklist
bullet Smoke Alarm Maintenance Info For Tenants
bullet Smoke Alarm Verification Form
bullet Fire Drills
bullet Outdoor Patio Fire Safety