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BYLAWS - Building Department:


The Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, as of April 1, 1987, has enforced a Building By-Law in compliance with the Ontario Building Code.

Why Are There Building Codes And By-Laws?


Building inspection is a service provided for your protection by the Municipality to ensure safe construction and renovation. These are established under the control of the Province to meet health, fire and construction standards. This process is for the safety and protection of the individual and the community as a whole. With this in mind it is hoped that you will endeavor to keep the Chief Building Official informed of your construction plans and in so doing, help to make this a pleasant and safe community in which to reside.


Bylaw Repsecting Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits and Inspections - December 19, 2017

CBO and Building Inspectors

Mandatory Septic Inspection - Source Water

Swimming Pool

Property Standards