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Owner/Occupant Data

QTV Owner/Tenant/Vacant
Rel Religion
DR Designated Ratepayer-under the Education Act
FE French Language Rights
Sup School Support
Tax Dir School Taxation Direction

School Support Taxation Direction Designations

EP English Public
ES English Separate
FP French Public
FS French Separate
PS Protestant Separate
B Split
N No School Support
blank No School Tax Direction

School Boards

H High School
EP English Public School Board
ES English Roman Catholic School Board
FP French Public School Board
FS French Separate School Board

Tax Data

U/C Unit Class
TTL Tenant Tax Liability
RTC Realty Tax Class
SRA Special Rate Area
RTQ Realty Tax Qualifier

Exempt and Taxable Distribution Assessed values in these columns are prefixed by RTC (1 character) Tax Direction Code (0-2 characters).

RTC Realty Tax Class
A Theatre
C Commercial
D Office Building
E Exempt
F Farmlands
G Parking Lot
I Industrial
L Large Industrial
M Multi-Residential
N New Multi-Residential
O Other
P Pipeline
R Residential/ Farm
S Shopping Centre
T Managed Forest
U Utility Transmission/ Distribution
W Railway Right Of Way
RTQ Realty Tax Qualifier
D Taxable Education Only
F Payment in Lieu: Full
G Payment in Lieu: General
M Taxable: General
T Taxable: Full
U Taxable: Vacant Unit/ Excess Land
V Payment in Lieu Full Vacant Unit/ Excess Land
W Payment in Lieu General Vacant Unit/ Excess Land
X Taxable Vacant Land
Y Payment in Lieu Full Vacant Land
Z Payment in Full General Vacant Land
1 Taxable Farmland I
2 Payment in Lieu Full Farmland I
3 Payment in Lieu General Farmland I
4 Taxable Farmland II
5 Payment in Lieu Full Farmland II
6 Payment in Lieu General Farmland II